'She Wouldn't Have Made It Through The Night': Photographer Rescues Wild Horse Stuck In Mud Pit

September 17, 2020

A photographer helped save the life of a wild horse trapped in a deep mud pit in Alberta, Canada.

Darla says she went out to check on one of the baby wild horses she recently photographed when she noticed a lone mare out in a field.

"I took a picture with my long lens and thought she's either giving birth (looked like she was lying down ) or stuck. Couldn't tell from that distance," she said.

Darla, along with two others she was with, raced up the road to check it out and discovered the horse was trapped in a mud pit.

"We had just passed a black bear feasting on another young horse about a mile back and passed a grizzly shortly before this girl. She was cold and scared and clearly thankful to see us. She wouldn't have made it through the night," Darla said.

The trio spent a long time trying to figure out how to get the mare out of the mud safely. Afterwards, the horse looked back at her rescuers as if she was saying 'thank you'.

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