Dog Refuses To Drop The Turtle

June 2, 2020

A German Shepherd thought she found a great prize and did everything in her power to keep it. Eventually she let the turtle go after more than an hour of her owner trying to convince her to put it down.

"I let Sable, my 100 lb German Shepherd, out to potty. I went out to play with her and saw she had something in her mouth. When I figured out it was a turtle the race was on to get it from her. I chased her for over an hour to get it out with no luck. She ran in the house so I thought I would bribe her with a treat so she would drop it. She totally blank stared out the door. Not even hearing her favorite word, 'treat.' She finally went back out and laid the turtle in the yard. The turtle stayed in its shell for about 30 minutes but then came out and headed to the woods."

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