Dog Brings Home And Rescues A Stray Kitten In The Pouring Rain

December 31, 2019

A loving dog rescued a tiny stray kitten by coaxing it into following her home in the pouring rain.

Monica Burks said she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw her dog, Hazel, helping out the squeaking kitten during the heavy downpour.

Monica, 48, peered outdoors after Hazel did not come back quickly from her potty break.

She finally saw her dog trotting down the driveway with the squealing kitten in tow. Each time the kitten stopped, Hazel - a mixture between a Yorkie, Chihuahua and poodle - encouraged her along and waited for her.

When the kitten couldn't make it up the step into the home, Hazel picked it up in her mouth and carried her inside.

The sweet little kitten has been adopted by Monica's brother.

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