'Evil' Dog Wielding A Knife Tries To Take Out Guest In Middle Of The Night

August 6, 2018

"My sister stayed over at my house for the first time last night," Logan said. "My dog creeped her out a bit."

In the video, the dog enters the room in the middle of the night with a butcher knife in his mouth, and the red eyes caused by the camera light make the pup look even more sinister.

Here's little context behind this, according to the owner:

"Me and my sister grilled out some steaks and made some fries. My dog Jayce just likes to pick up things and hold them in his mouth. He grabs socks, shoes, toys, and anything he can grab off the counter. My sister went to bed in our guest bedroom downstairs and I fell asleep upstairs. She said she heard someone nudge the door open and she thought it was me, but it was Jayce with a knife he had grabbed off of the counter in his mouth. Aside from this he is the best dog ever."

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