Couple Reveals How They Eliminated $124,000 In Debt In Just 3 Years

July 31, 2018

A couple from Oklahoma was able to eradicate $124,000 of debt in just three years -- and they're sharing how they did it in order to help others facing similar situations.

Chris Espinosa, 29, and his wife Morgan, 28, owed over $88,000 in student loans, $29,000 in car debt, $5,000 on credit cards and $1,000 on wedding rings.

When the piling debt started causing tension between the couple, they decided it was time to make some lifestyle changes.

They devoted at least half of their collective income to debt each month, moved into a small apartment, and set a strict monthly budget to achieve their goal.

After three years of extreme budgeting, the couple is now celebrating being completely debt free.

Chris and Morgan share their tips in the video below.

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