Man Rescues Baby Deer From Hole - And Her Worried Mom Was Waiting!

April 19, 2018

A man in Montana rescued a newborn baby deer from a hole and reunited her with Mom.

"I happened to be outside talking with a friend of mine when I heard an animal in distress sound," Kevin Collom said. "As I went in the general direction it continued to get louder. Something caught my eye below me and there it was, this fawn that had fallen into a hole that I had made earlier that would contain concrete for my carport that I'm building. The hole is 10" in diameter and about 20" deep and the fawn was curled up at the bottom. It should be noted here that I did call the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks and gave them the opportunity to come and rescue it, they told me they were busy and I could do it myself as the human scent would not effect reunifying with mom. I gave my friend my phone and told him to record it as I was sure that my granddaughter would love it so I reached down inside and carefully stroked his head and his eyes rolled back giving me the 'OK to pick me up'. As he came out of the hole I told my friend that if he starts to bleat, and mom hears it, she will be coming in hot. And that is exactly what happened, within 1 minute she was coming in, acting a bit aggressive of course, and looking for baby."

Video 1 of 2: The Rescue

Video 2 of 2: The Reunion

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