This Robot Just Solved A Rubik's Cube In 0.38 Seconds

March 8, 2018

Two software developers collaborated on a Rubik's Cube solving robot to try to beat the world record time. The current "human" record of 4.59 seconds (video) was set in 2017 by SeungBeom Cho of South Korea.

How it works

The contraption reads the cube, solves it, and then slams the thing around in seconds. The team also used a unique AND board that ensured that each motor would turn on and off independently, a feature that is necessary to ensure the entire thing doesn’t explode if the motors were to actuate at the same time. It then uses the min2phase algorithm to solve the cube in about 21 moves. They could even make the thing slightly faster with a bit of tweaking.

Watch the video below.

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