He Tries Not To Fall Down On His Icy Driveway And We Can't Stop Laughing

January 10, 2018

This home security camera footage of a man sliding down his icy driveway has the Internet in stitches.

BlackIce flight 223 you are cleared for takeoff

Some of our favorite comments:

"Whoa, he did pretty good, even made it to a safe landing zone."

"That was impressive. I laughed and then admired his balance. I would've did the split on the first slip and torn every ligament."

"Making my way downtown..."

"That might be the worst start of a day I've ever seen."

"His body shaking and the cartoony foot work has me in a giggle fit."

"Well he made someone's day in that jeep."

"I shouldn't laugh but this gets better every loop!"

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