Kid With Autism Makes Video To Help His Classmates Understand His Behavior - And It's Going Viral

December 7, 2017

George Yionoulis made a video on his journey with autism to help his fourth grade class understand why he behaves the way he does sometimes.

"Like a lot of other kids with autism I might not have been looking, but that didn't mean I wasn't listening," George says in the video.

He also tends to take what people say literally.

"That means if you say take a seat, you might find one less chair in your classroom. If you say it's raining cats and dogs, I might think, 'Oh, I'm getting a puppy!'"

The fourth-grader from Raleigh, North Carolina, originally made the video to share with his 21 classmates, but now it's being watched and shared by thousands of people.

Watch the video below.

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