She Got Pregnant At 17 And Was Forced To Give Away Her Baby. They Finally Meet For The First Time Decades Later

June 2, 2017

A woman who got pregnant at 17 was forced to give up her child and never got to meet her (Amy). They tried to find each other for decades, but through social media and almost by accident they found each other last month and met for the first time last week! (full story below video)

"In the summer of 1961 and 17 years old, going into my senior year, I found out I was pregnant from my high school sweetheart of two years.

I can't really say as to who or how they decided the baby needed to be adopted out nor do I remember being asked what I thought but the decision was made for me. I don't remember fighting anyone just took the adults direction as to the way they felt it should be handled.

The small town Dr. a friend of the dads' parents, and the parents of my sweetheart chose the city, hospital, Dr. attorney, and family who would adopt the baby.

Everyone in the small town was told my Mom was going to school 671. 5 miles away, a drive of 11 hours, not close enough for family or friends to see us, not even my closest friend knew as everything was hush hush, she found out 25 years later. Just my Dad, my sister and her husband knew. My Dad was able to see me twice and my sister once.

I attended night classes to earn credits to graduate from high school when I was pregnant. When I checked into the hospital with contractions in the Spring, I memorized the adoptive fathers name before they covered the paperwork and wouldn't let me see it. After the birth of my baby girl, I asked to hold her and they said I couldn't, when I said I have the right to see her they finally allowed me to view her through the nursery window.

I started attending a regular high school after she was born so I didn't miss everything in my senior year and met a lot of nice friends. My Mom and I returned to the small town in the summer of 1962.

The baby's father told me when I returned, he felt we were too young to marry and it wouldn't have worked. Nothing of this was discussed before I left, the communication was poor, nor were we boy and girlfriend again.

Every year after giving birth to my baby girl I would think of her, wondering how she was doing. Her birthday would roll around and it would be celebrated in my heart, thinking and hoping her life was going well and the adoptive parents were wonderful.

Three months ago the daughter I raised called and asked if she could look for my daughter that was adopted out, I did not realize it was her client that wanted to do this for us. My first daughter was found in a matter of 3 weeks through sources that were used and also because I knew her birth name and the adoption records were opened and the daughter I had adopted out had her name registered on the list.

When put in contact with her, found out she had tried three different times to find me but because I was 10 days short of being 18 my name was not on her birth certificate and the same for her father. She came to a dead end three years ago.

We were able to meet each other in person and discover it is a lasting thing."

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