Ellen Surprises The Teen Who Sprung Into Action And Saved An Officer's Life

March 14, 2017

Officer Mark Kimsey was responding to a call in Philadelphia when a truck ran a red light and collided with his squad car. The impact knocked him out and trapped him in his car as it caught on fire.

Joe Chambers, a 17-year-old volunteer firefighter, saw the burning cruiser and sprinted into action to rescue the 30-year-old officer.

"He was all disoriented, he didn't know where he was," said Chambers. I said 'your car is on fire,' and he was, like, just staring at me. And I was like 'I'm gonna get you out.'"

"He's my hero, by far," said Kimsey, who suffered head trauma and burns to his legs. "If he wouldn't have pulled me out of that car, I'd still be sitting in it."

In the video below, Ellen has a few surprises for Joe and Officer Kimsey.

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