Baby Rhino Squeaks Because He Doesn't Want To Be Left Alone

March 11, 2017

Morgan Pelt spent time working at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Hoedspruit, South Africa. Ollie the orphaned baby rhino is one of many animals that she got to know and love.

In the video below, she had to contain Ollie after a feeding because, like a small child, baby rhinos tend to get into a lot of trouble if unsupervised.

"Little rhinos like him get themselves into all sorts of mischief when they aren't being watched and we can't run the risk of him injuring himself," Pelt wrote. "He spends the entire day exploring the sanctuary and running around like a normal rhino calf. It's just that when you are short staffed and need to clean his bottles, he has to stay in his night pen for a few minutes."

"Don't worry as soon we came back to let him out he had all the belly rubs in the world!"

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