Venezuela Sent Their Best Skier To The World Championship. It's The First Time He's Seen Snow

February 24, 2017

Adrian Solano landed in France at the end of January but police turned him back. Solano said border agents doubted he was even a skier and asked if there was snow in Venezuela.

"They did not believe that I ski in Venezuela," he told the Agence France Press news agency. "I told them that we train on wheels. I only had €28 with me and the police accused me of trying to immigrate because things were going badly in my country."

He finally made it through, losing a month of training in the process. And it showed.

He has been dubbed the "world's worst skier" but the man still finished the cross country competition with a big smile on his face.

He even wrote this inspiring message on social media following the race:

"Even though I didn't know snow and didn't get the opportunity to train here, I'm giving it my best. And well, even the mighty have fallen like I have but got back up and kept fighting. I don't plan on being the exception."

Watch the highlight video below.

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