She Made A Video To Announce Her Cancer Diagnosis. It's Not What The Family Was Expecting

December 27, 2016

Last week, my younger sister, Paige, was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia. There is no cure for this cancer, but with lifelong chemotherapy drug treatment, which will cost over $100,000 a year, she is expected to (and will) continue being the most perfect specimen of a human being to ever walk the earth.

Not only will she graduate from the University of Dayton in the spring, but after being accepted to 4/4 medical schools she interviewed with these last few months, she has chosen to attend the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in the fall of 2017. You cannot imagine how brave this 21 year old woman is, and how proud the rest of my family and I are of her. In the fight against cancer, we believe that losing an opportunity to laugh is losing a point to the big C, and we’re planning on a shut-out.

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