The Touching Reason This Venezuelan Man Is Hugging A Colombian Soldier At The Border

August 21, 2016

This is a powerful video of a Venezuelan man posing for a picture with a Colombian soldier at the border.


At the 27-second mark the man is effusively doing a hand salute to a border soldier, poses for a picture and says:

"This one goes for history"

The reporter hears that, approaches him and asks, "Why do you say that the picture just taken with the Colombian soldier is for history?"

"Because all the humiliation that we have been through, the government has oppressed us a lot. I say thank you to the Colombians for giving us a helping hand."

The man kisses the soldier's helmet, he is really trying to kiss his forehead, hugs him, and says to the soldier, "God bless you!"

The reporter asks, "Where are you coming from?"

"San Cristobal"

"Why are you here?"

"There is no food! There is no food in Venezuela! They keep saying that there is food but there is nothing, nothing!, It's a lie, it's a lie!"

"What are you bringing home?"

"Whatever I can find!, I know that in Colombia we can find anything that we want: rice, potatoes! but in Venezuela there is nothing, there is nothing, in San Cristobal people looted places, the government wants the world to believe that there is food, but there is nothing, it's a lie"

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