Creepy Things Keep Happening In This Old College Dorm Room And Here's Video Proof

April 12, 2016

This story/video isn't for everyone, so turn back now if you don't like creepy ghost stories.

A freshman in college moved into the oldest dorm on campus and there's been unexplainable occurrences happening in his room at night.

First off, the building has a terrifying mural painted on the outside of it. He shared this photo:

scary real ghost story on video
via reddit

"The whole place has this constant scent about it that's hard to describe," he shared in a Reddit post. "Actually 'scent' is the wrong word, I mean like odor. There's an odor that permeates the halls. It's tolerable on my floor but on the basement floor it can get ungodly. It smells like... Rot. And body odor."

He continues...

"My first night there, I'm hanging out with my roommate Rob. He's playing on his PC, I'm playing on my PS4, we both have our headphones in. Suddenly we hear some slight knocking. I get up, open the door, nobody is outside, I immediately forget this happen.

Over the next few weeks we were woken up several times by knocking late at night. With each occurrence, the knocking gets louder and more disruptive.

Then, one night, I realize that the knocking isn't coming from the hall. It's coming from my closet. I get up, put on my phone light, and timidly open the door. The thing creaks open to reveal, surprise, nobody is inside.

Not long after this, we both go home for winter break. When I get back, I find out Rob has moved out and I now have the whole room to myself. Except I guess I don't.

The knocking returns in full force. It seriously sounds like a SWAT team is trying to bust through my closet, almost every single night.

Sometimes I'd wake up to find the doors WIDE-OPEN."

He goes on to add that an upperclassmen told him that a student committed suicide in that exact room last year.

So he decided to leave his camera running pointed at the closet around the time that the knocking usually starts so he could have proof and show it to some of his friends. This is what he captured:

There's no chance I'd still be in that building, let alone that room.

Credit: Room169.

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