Dad Watches A Video Of His Daughter's Birth And Realizes What He Didn't See The First Time

November 21, 2015

Comedian Michael Jr. is used to commanding an audience's attention, but he was blown away by the reception he got from his newborn daughter.

This video of Michael's daughter shot shortly after her birth shows how the sound of his voice caused the wailing baby to stop crying and calm down.

Michael says that he didn't get the full impact of the moment until he watched the footage later, but when he did so, he realized something profound.

"We'll always have times when we're not as comfortable … where life is just heavy," he says. "The key thing to do in those moments is to be still and listen for the Father's voice. Because he is trying to talk to you. And I can tell you what he wants you to know is that he loves you. All you got to do is open your eyes."

(h/t) IJ Review

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