His Mom Has Alzheimer's And Singing To Her Cheers Her Up. This Is Truly A Special Moment

January 2, 2015

This video left me a little speechless. His mother has Alzheimer's and today she no longer recognizes him or responds to the music. This is one of the last times she did.

"My mother taught for over 30 years total at different schools. A few different high schools and then at a Cancer Care center for a few more until she started having memory problems. Her name is Judy Fraley and had thousands of students and touched the lives of many people. She helped raise her siblings growing up, she raised me, my brother and two sisters, and after we moved out her and my dad took in 5 rescue dogs and 4 stray cats. She is without a doubt the nicest, most genuine, caring person I have known and will always miss talking to her. One thing I always tell myself is that I get to still see her every day and tell her how wonderful of a mom she is, even if she doesn't understand all of it." ~Joe Fraley

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