Dad's Old Talent Gets The Best Reaction From 5th Graders At Graduation

June 21, 2024

At his son's 5th grade graduation, a father made a triumphant return to a long-abandoned hobby, leaving a lasting impression on his son's classmates.

Sam Miller said he stopped his chin-balancing act after a painful mishap 11 years ago. But the special occasion inspired him to dust off his old skills and create a memorable moment.

"This was a really cool moment for me and my boy," he said. "I hurt myself balancing a shopping cart on my chin about 11 years ago and since then I haven't really done it that much if at all. This felt like a perfect opportunity to come out of retirement."

As he balanced a ladder on his chin, the reactions from the children were priceless.

It was a graduation day that the students, especially his son, will remember fondly for years to come.

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