Baby Wants To Stay At The Four Seasons Hotel In Orlando

May 23, 2024

Aunt Stefanie O'Brien recently shared a hilarious video of her baby niece, Kate, expressing a surprising desire to stay at the Four Seasons in Orlando.

The adorable clip quickly went viral on TikTok, amassing millions of views and leaving viewers both amused and amazed by Kate's unexpected awareness and preference at such a young age.

@sobrizzle If the @Four Seasons Hotels ♬ original sound - Stefanie O’Brien

Comments poured in, with many marveling at how a baby could be so perceptive.

One viewer humorously remarked, "That baby booked the trip," while another echoed the sentiment, writing, "How is it so aware?" The disbelief continued with comments like, "I was not ready for him (her) to fully be aware and speak," and "How is this possible?"

Naturally, the internet has jumped on the trend, creating "remixes" of the video that feature the baby elaborating even more about the trip.

Remix 1 He is too cute 🥰, original poster (sobrizzle) #fourseasons #fourseasonsorlando #baby #cutebaby #babytok #joke ♬ original sound - ❌

Remix 2

"I am eagerly anticipating..."

@.rani2k Conscious baby ☝️(OG: sobrizzle) #fyp #orlando #bossbaby ♬ original sound - Rani Tamim

As the video continues to circulate, it’s clear that Baby Kate has become a little internet sensation, reminding us all of the joy and laughter that come from the unexpected moments in life.

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