This Cow Comforts A Senior Goat Every Night

May 7, 2024

Sid is a 17 year old goat nearing the end of his life. He and his best friend, Rem the cow, were rescued together 12 years ago.

They have slept like this every night, ever since.

Sid looked after Rem when he was a calf. Now Rem is returning the favor.

Sid may not have much time left in this world, but he will have his best friend by his side until the very end.

@mockingbirdfarmsanctuary Sid the goat is 17 years old and has raised Rem the jersey steer since he was just a little baby. They sleep together every night.🥹 #rescuedtogether #farmsanctuary #soulmates #fyp #animalfamily #compassionliveshere #goats #cuddlepuddle ♬ a dream is a wish your heart makes - christina perri

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