Meet Howie: The Hat-Wearing, Sign-Language Speaking Crab

April 18, 2024

Laura Porter's pet crab, Howie, has captivated millions with viral posts on various social media platforms. On Instagram and TikTok, Porter shares delightful photos and videos of Howie engaging in sign language, sporting hats, enjoying human food, and taking neighborhood strolls on a leash.

This internet-famous crustacean has already exceeded the typical life expectancy for her species (3-5 years). As Howie's 9th birthday approaches this June, fans eagerly await to see if she will reach this milestone.

@howiethecrab To all the world, especially the people telling me to just boil her. I'm not telling people how to live their lives or what to eat. Not my place. If you choose to eat shellfish, please don't boil them alive, they feel pain. Let's do better. Please research the term "humane spiking". Howie is a part of our family. The average lifespan in captivity is only 3-5 years. Howie is 8¼ and has a life full of enrichment. #howiethecrab #dontboilcrabsalive #petcrab ♬ Jacob and the Stone - Emile Mosseri

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