Baby Possum Seeks Shelter In Cat's Fur

April 10, 2024

A lost baby possum recently found itself in a rather unusual refuge — a furry cat.

Toni shared the adorable video to TikTok, saying that she heard unsual noises coming from her couch. She was stunned to see a baby possum.

She thinks the baby fell off of mom while possibly using her cat door — or a cat brought it inside.

The baby is now in the hands of a wildlife sanctuary-rehabilitation center.

@tonimk2295 I think this little baby fell off its kom when she out the cat door? #fyp #fypシ #foreyoupage #babypossum #possumsoftiktok #orangecat #wildanimals #vetsoftiktok #possumrescue #possumhelp ♬ original sound - Toni K

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