Man Uses A Remote Controlled Car To Feed Homeless Cats Across The City

March 28, 2024

Vladislav Prokhorov, 28, uses a remote controlled car to feed stray cats in Aktau, Kazakhstan. The car is equipped with both a plate of food and a video camera.

"More than a year ago, I started writing a blog in which I broadcast daily how I feed homeless cats and dogs. It's amazing to watch how tailed animals react to food; cats often sniff before eating. During the filming, funny moments occur when the animals engage in a real 'battle' for food, and the camera captures epic footage. My content is aimed at making society pay attention to homeless animals and not harm them. I see results - they write to me that thanks to my videos, people began to feed stray dogs and cats. This is wonderful," said Vladislav Prokhorov (translated).

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