Service Dog Can't Figure Out Why The Door Won't Close, Has Us All Laughing

March 13, 2024

In this hilarious video, a service dog finds himself in a predicament while trying to close his owner's bedroom door.

Despite repeated attempts to fulfill the owner's request, the clever canine remains blissfully unaware that his beloved toy ball is obstructing the door's path. Amusingly persistent, the owner encourages the dog to retrieve the ball, but the determined pup is singularly focused on successfully shutting the door, oblivious to the playful obstacle in his way.

"I'll get my ball after I figure out why this won't close." Lucifer the service dog usually closes doors for me on command, as getting up and down multiple times can be difficult. This time, a toy was stuck right outside the door but obstructed from view, preventing it from closing and confusing him. He did his best 🥹 #cardiacalertdog #servicedog #workingdog #wlgsd #germanshepherd #dogtraining #ambulatorywheelchairuser #mcas #ehlersdanlossyndrome #pots ♬ original sound - Demon.Dog.Duo ⛧

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