Scuba Diver Captures Rare Footage Of A Rainbow Tripod Fish That Seems Extraterrestrial

March 11, 2024

The depths of the ocean hold secrets and wonders beyond our wildest imaginations, and recently, a scuba diver stumbled upon a mesmerizing spectacle – the elusive rainbow tripod fish. The encounter was captured on film in Cozumel, revealing the ethereal beauty of this deep-sea creature.

The diver was Mexican biologist Frida Jonguitude.

She said: "Halfway through last night’s blackwater dive, a colorful reflection caught my eye, it was this extraordinary beautiful fish swimming up and reflecting our lights in such a surreal way, being by far the most precious animal I’ve even seen.

This is a deep sea fish, as adult is found in the abyssal zone around 878 to 4,720 m deep and can only be found near the surface during its larval stage because is dragged up with the currents, so probably we will be the only humans it will ever meet."

Jonguitude shared the original video below:

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