Peaches The Purrmaid: A Fat Cat Is Swimming The Pounds Away

February 21, 2024

Peaches the cat is making waves on TikTok with his extraordinary weight loss journey. Tipping the scales at nearly 25 pounds, this chunky feline is taking a unique approach to shed those extra pounds – swimming!

Owner Chastity Emes initially attempted the conventional method of walks to get Peaches moving, but it quickly became clear that this cat had different plans.

"I had a harness for him and tried to get him out of the condo, and we didn’t make it out of our hallway because he just kind of flopped over and decided it wasn’t going to happen," shared Emes.

Undeterred by Peaches' lack of enthusiasm for traditional exercise, Chastity decided to take a plunge, quite literally, into a new approach to feline fitness – swimming. Yes, you read that right, swimming.

@peaches_the_purrmaid Yes, we know he hates it. No, we’re not torturing him. Yes, his vet is aware and approves. No, he’s not in any pain. It’s warm salt water, not acid. It’s a hydrotherapy pool specifically designed for pets. #catsoftiktok #cattok #orangecat #gingercat #catsthatswim #diabeticcat @FriskyPup ♬ original sound - Peaches_the_Purrmaid

Cats typically dislike water, and Peaches is no exception to this common feline trait.

Nevertheless, he is gradually becoming more accustomed to it.

@peaches_the_purrmaid The tiny little kicks with his back feet are really the best ❤️ @FriskyPup @Carly Anne831 #diabeticcat #catsthatswim #gingercat #catsoftiktok #cats #orangecat #weightloss #cats ♬ original sound - Peaches_the_Purrmaid

As Peaches doggy-paddles his way to a healthier lifestyle, the internet is collectively rooting for this adorable feline.

You can follow his weight loss journey on TikTok @peaches_the_purrmaid.

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