The Heartwarming 'Taylor Swift Effect' On Dads And Daughters Unveiled In Tear-Jerking Commercial

February 13, 2024

Prepare to be moved by a touching new advert that showcases the power of the 'Taylor Swift effect' between fathers and daughters.

Taylor Swift effect dads and daughters

In this heartwarming commercial by Cetaphil, the renowned skincare company, the transformative influence of Taylor Swift is unveiled without ever showing the popular singer.

The "Taylor Swift effect" takes center stage in this advertisement, portraying a shift that has occurred as Taylor Swift started attending football games to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

The result? A remarkable surge of interest among young girls in the world of football, all inspired by the pop sensation.

What makes this commercial truly special is its focus on the ripple effect of Taylor Swift's presence at the games. The ad beautifully captures the essence of newfound father-daughter bonding experiences, as dads and their daughters now share moments of excitement and joy while watching football together.

Watch the ad below.

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