Teacher Goes Viral For Charging 3rd Grade Students Rent

January 31, 2024

Miss Lattimore of Charlotte, North Carolina, has gone viral for her ingenious approach to instilling financial responsibility in her third-grade students.

The buzz began when it was revealed that she charges her young learners "rent" in the form of playful currency, aptly named "Miss Lattimore Bucks."

The premise is simple yet effective: students pay $5 in "rent" to cover the costs of their desk and chair within the classroom. This hands-on lesson not only introduces the concept of financial transactions but also imparts valuable insights into the responsibilities associated with managing resources.

Miss Lattimore's approach has resonated strongly with the online community, drawing praise for her commitment to teaching young minds about money in a practical and engaging manner. The use of pretend currency adds an element of fun to the learning process while driving home essential lessons about budgeting and financial awareness.

"Watching my students now become appreciative of possibly what their guardians are going through, of course in a safer environment, just kind of gives them that responsibility to then move forward as they become adults," Miss Lattimore shared.

@shelby_thatsmee Hard Life Lessons in 3rd Grade, my students had to pay rent for the first time! Year Two of collecting classroom rent and it is still the best feeling ever! #rent #money #teacher ♬ original sound - Ms.L

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