Couple Builds Blockbuster Movie Pantry For Neighborhood

January 23, 2024

A California couple has installed a Blockbuster-themed video lending library outside of their home in Los Angeles.

blockbuster movie pantry
Credit: Alyssa Kollgaard

It's a spin on the trending miniature libraries and food pantries that have popped up in neighborhoods and parks over the past decade.

The Kollgaards have had a free food pantry outside of their home for the past two years. They had an extra box, so, they made it a free movie library.

@discordiadystopia Preview of the #littlefreeblockbuster #community #blockbuster my husband @Director Wiglz and I will be installing in front of our house tomorrow! #mutualaid #communityaid #nostalgia #losangeles ♬ Wii Shop Channel Trap - OSRSBeatz

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