Family Has White Elephant Party, But All Of The 'Gifts' Are From Grandma's House

December 28, 2023

A family took the festive spirit to a whole new level this Christmas by pulling off an unexpected and hilarious White Elephant gift exchange.

The twist? The gifts weren't store-bought; instead, they were 'borrowed' from Grandma's house!

Family members had sneakily taken a variety of random items from Grandma's house - including a pillow, a mug and even a near-empty bottle of perfume.

As each family member unwrapped their 'stolen' treasures, Grandma's reaction went from confusion to sheer amusement.

"This trend was worth it for the belly laughs," Sara captioned her video.

@sara_wynkoop You heard grandma, we’re a bunch a cheapskates. This trend was worth it for the belly laughs. #christmas #whiteelephant #grabbag #grandmasoftiktok #grandma #holidays #giftexchange ♬ ROCKIN’ AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE - BRENDA LEE

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