Three Years Ago A Stray Cat Was Found At A Zoo. Now, He Lives With The Capybaras

October 30, 2023

Three years ago, a serendipitous encounter changed the course of a stray cat's life forever.

This friendly, orange feline had wandered into the confines of Zoo Negara, located in Malaysia. Instead of shooing him away, the compassionate keepers decided to extend an open paw and allowed "Oyen" to stay.

Little did they know that this decision would lead to a unique and heartwarming friendship between him and the capybaras.

@thatgoodnewsgirl Oyen, the cat who has been accepted by a herd of capybaras at Zoo Negara in Malaysia, now has his own official signage in front of the capybara habitat. 🐈 See more of Oyen and the capybaras at Zoo Negara’s account: @Zoo Negara Malaysia 📸 Zoo Negara / nabilnash_ #capybara #cat #catsoftiktok #capybaratiktok #goodnews #positivecontent ♬ original sound - jenn💜 good news & fun stories

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