Mind-Blowing Life Hacks: This Man's Simple Tips Change Everything

October 20, 2023

Meet Sidney Raz, the 33-year-old California native who has taken the TikTok world by storm, captivating over 4.4 million followers. What's the secret to his success? Sidney Raz is all about sharing those essential life tips and tricks that most people have never heard of or even thought about.

His most popular videos all start with "Here's something I wish I knew before I was in my 30s"

For instance, how to open a lollipop. Like me, you have probably been doing it wrong your whole life.

How to open a Lollipop

@sidneyraz lollipops!? LOLLIPOPS!? #tipsandtricks #lifehacks #lollipop ♬ original sound - sidneyraz

What about using a lighter? 

We've all been there — those moments when you're trying to light something beneath you using a lighter, and suddenly, you feel an unexpected searing pain.

Lighter trick

@sidneyraz i can use lighters safely now #inmy30s #firesafety ♬ original sound - sidneyraz

The ordeal of assembling furniture with just an Allen wrench is a true exercise in patience and endurance. That seemingly simple tool, essential for tightening screws and bolts, quickly transforms into a source of frustration. The relentless turning, often in cramped spaces, can leave your hand sore and your spirits dwindling.

But what if we were using it wrong this whole time?

Allen wrench

@sidneyraz so that’s why it’s like that #todayilearned #tipsandtricks #lifehack #protip #furnitureassembly ♬ original sound - sidneyraz

So, if you're tired of the same old content and want to discover little-known gems that can make life easier and more exciting, be sure to follow Sidney Raz on TikTok.

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