Disabled Man Brings Neighbor Deer Sausage In Touching Video

October 19, 2023

"Thank you for being such a beautiful neighbor."

A disabled man recently captured the hearts of many with a simple, yet incredibly meaningful act of generosity.

In the video, captured on a doorbell camera, Dean brings his neighbor Jason Spang some fresh deer sausage.

"I have lived next to Dean for 6 years now and can say I have never met a better person," Jason said. "This is only one example of the 100's of times he has done something like this and the conversation is always as delightful. Dean is disabled and I help take care of his yard , move snow and whatever else he needs."

@bigboomin My sweet old neighbor bring me fresh smoked deer sausage #venacin #neighbors #sweet ♬ original sound - bigboomin

Jason also launched a GoFundMe for Dean. You can donate here.

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