Wild Donkey Asks Kayaker For Help, Thanks Him, And Then Runs Off

September 22, 2023

Nature has a way of surprising us, and sometimes its quirks unfold in the most unexpected places. In a heartwarming tale that recently emerged from the Arizona wilderness, a kayaker experienced a unique encounter that showcased the incredible connection between humans and animals.

Travis Ward said he had just parked his vehicle and set his Kayak by the water when a pair of wild donkeys appeared.

One donkey, seemingly in distress, approached the kayaker with an unusual request. Its head was adorned with painful-looking cactus spines, a result of a prickly encounter with the unforgiving desert flora. Desperate for relief, the donkey turned to the passing kayaker, as if seeking help.

"He got closer and I saw that there were thorns in his nose and his ear as well," Ward said. "I could just tell he was in pain."

So, Ward extended a hand to assist the distressed creature.

"I thought maybe he wants me to take them out," Ward recalled. He proceeded to pull each thorn out, one by one - about 40 thorns in total.

Afterwards, Ward says the donkey thanked him.

"He does the donkey noise for about a minute and then he takes off," Ward said.

He said it was a moment he will never forget.

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