Autistic Non-Verbal 7-Year-Old Speaks Directly To His Mother For The First Time

September 11, 2023

In this heartwarming and emotionally charged scene, a security camera captures an extraordinary and deeply moving moment in the life of an autistic non-verbal boy and his mother.

"Autism nonverbal mother happiness overload moment!" Cristy captioned her video.

She said her son is 7 years old. Every morning she tells him "good morning" and this time he said it back to her, twice, with full emotion.

Cristy's reaction says it all.

@4aries14 *** 🥹🥹🥹*** Autism nonverbal mother happiness overload moment!!! 💙💙🧩🧩💙💙 I had an emotional moment this morning with my Kai. He's almost 7 & is considered non verbal. Well, this morning I did my usual "Good morning" & he finally said it back to me, TWICE, & with full emotion. I say it once then you hear him tell me it back 2 times. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Edit:: I normally try not to react that way bc we know he can do it, so I try not to over praise BUT I've been saying this for 6 yrs & always say to him...."One day you're going to tell me it back homie" 😌 (I threw on my sweats/sweatshirt over my long pjs to take Kira to the bus right before this 🥴😆) #autism #autismawareness #nonverbal #autismmom #autistic #proudmoment #tearjerker #amazing #love #family #autismlove #autismsupport #sensory #neurodivergent #motherlove ♬ original sound - Cristy Rawls

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