Meet Misa, The Incredible Diving Dog From Malta

July 13, 2023

Meet Misa, the diving dog from Malta.

Misa was adopted by her owner in 2019 from a local SPCA.

"I was looking for an energetic puppy. Misa was the third dog they showed me and immediately showed a great bond, making my choice quite obvious," her owner said.

"When I took her for her first swim, she was so scared and scratched all my body to hold on to me. I kept taking her by the sea to play on the rocks with her favorite toy, of course, a stone. One time I threw her a stone and ended up in a puddle of water and to keep playing, she put her face in the water to get the stone. I was quite amazed, as she had a phobia of water. I tested her and threw the stone into deeper puddles, which she kept getting."

Eventually, he learned why Misa was so afraid of the water.


"Once I was in Gozo, where Misa was rescued, and saw a guy looking attentively at her. Later, he approached me and said that my puppy was rescued from his quarry. She was the puppy of his dogs and one day in winter, the quarry got flooded, and most of the puppies died. He even told me the day she was born, which all added up. I gathered from where she got her phobia when I first took her for a swim."

Her new owner was able to help her overcome her fear and hopes to break the world record for the deepest free dive by a dog. So far, she has easily dived 4.5 meters (14.8 feet).

According to Life Magazine, in 1966 a German shorthaired pointer named Bellybutton swam underwater for distances up to 20 feet.

Watch Misa in action below.

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