Woman Celebrates One Year With Baby Mouse She Rescued And Fostered

October 5, 2022

One year ago, Danielle Mulcahy saved a tiny mouse from the beak of one of her chickens.

Nursing a baby mouse this little is an extreme challenge but Danielle was up for it. The mouse had to be fed every two hours. It also had a foot injury from the chicken attack. The odds were stacked against it.

Danielle didn't think the baby would make it through the first night, but the days passed and the mouse kept improving.

Now, one year later, Danielle is celebrating the little mouse's birthday.


@daniellemulcahy2 Honeslty after she proved me wrong everything started going up again. Happy Birthday Choohaa! You are my favorite therapy! #bbmouse #sosmol #squeaks #babymouse #babymouserescue #wildmouse #fieldmouse #foryou #animallover #petmouse ♬ Good Morning - Gene Kelly & Debbie Reynolds & Donald O'Connor

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