Woman Captures Wholesome Family Moment On A Rainy Day

September 20, 2022

A family with four young children stopped their walk to jump up and down in a puddle on a rainy day.

"Witnessed this family creating a core memory," Kaitlyn wrote about the video she shared on TikTok.

Kaitlyn couldn't help but want to share the pure joy she witnessed. She also hopes the parents see it.

"Now… I’m crying… I love seeing happy families," one user commented.

"The way the one waved goodbye to the puddle when walking away awww," another user commented.

"I SO hope they find this video so they can look back at this beautiful moment," another user wrote.

@rollypollykait Witnessed this family creating a core memory a few weeks ago 🥹#corememories #corememory #fyp ♬ original sound - .

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