3-Year-Old Little Leaguer Rolls All The Way To Home Base, Still Manages To Score

June 3, 2022

3-year-old Jasper put on quite the show during his T-ball game last week in Westlake, LA. Every run counted for the Moss Bluff Reds as they hoped to advance to the championship.

"NO NO NO NO NO! RUN JASPER!" his mom, Rebeka Myers, can be heard screaming behind the camera during his roll to home plate.

"As you can tell from my reaction was for him to stop, but there was no stopping him and I almost wanted to crawl into a hole at that point," Myers told the local news station.

But she said she felt a great deal of relief when Jasper crossed home plate, still managing to score.

"I feel like some of his purpose that God has given him is to make people smile," she added, saying that she wouldn't change a thing about him.

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