Despite His Dangerously Sharp Quills, Charlie The Porcupine Loves To Be Petted

March 23, 2022

Nashville zookeeper Jawnie shared the most adorable video of a spiky resident named Charlie.

She was asked on social media if Charlie the porcupine likes scratches -- so she answered with a video.

"Being able to touch Charlie like this is great for his health care! He gets to enjoy scratches and massages that double as health care which becomes more important as this little 10-year-old porcupine ages."


A post shared by Jawnie (@zookeeperjawnie)

"Porcupine with a love language of touch. That's rough buddy," one user commented.

"Spicy fur," another wrote.

"Porcupines are easily the best example of cruel irony in the natural world. They're outrageously sweet and affectionate, they love hugs and cuddles, yet they're one of the few animals we can't even pet easily."

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