First, One Table Cheered. Soon, The Entire Restaurant Was Cheering For This Kid

July 21, 2021

An entire restaurant started cheering for a toddler showing off his muscles.

"We took a family getaway to Greenport, NY Claudio's Restaurant this weekend and last night it began to downpour so we were stuck in the restaurant waiting it out. Jen’s little guy Liam was putting his arms up in the air 'showing his muscles' when the table behind us began to hype him up.

Next thing we knew the entire restaurant was joining in every time Liam threw his hands up. This went on for about five minutes straight, including the chefs and bartenders coming out from the kitchen and behind the bar to join in, I think it's the hardest we ever laughed.

After the past year and a half it felt so nice to feel 'close' again to strangers, sharing in a collective, social, experience. ♥️ Feel free to share!"

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