The Homeless Man Who Bought Others Food Gets Another Big Surprise

December 30, 2014

On December 22, 2014, we shared a video about a homeless man named Thomas who used the $100 given to him to buy other homeless people food. The video went viral within hours and now has over 27 million views.

Thomas homeless man update
Screenshot of Thomas in the viral video

After numerous requests, Josh Paler Lin - the young man who uploaded the video of his generous act - started a fundraising page to help Thomas get back on his feet.

Thomas quit his job to take care of his sick parents. Unfortunately, he lost both of his parents in the last couple months to cancer and kidney failure. Additionally, he lost his parents' condo and found himself jobless and homeless on the street. Although he has nothing at this point of life, he still managed to help others when he received something.

As of December 29, nearly $124,000 has been raised towards the goal of $10,000.

On Christmas Eve, Josh went back to find Thomas. He showed him the video that restored the world's faith in humanity, and this time, he gives Thomas another surprise.

To make a donation, click here.

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