Awesome Tattoo Artist Makes The Life Of A Child With A Unique Disorder

November 6, 2014

A tattoo artist used his time and talents to help a five-month-old boy suffering from a unique disorder.

Talen Rowan suffers from Plagiocephaly which causes flat spots on his head. He has to wear a helmet for seven months -23 hours a day and seven days a week.

The Rowan family was looking for an artist to customize Talen's helmet so they posted an ad online and that's when tattoo artist Greg Chadwick came forward and gave them a great offer.

"If I can make somebody's day better, opening a door, saying something nice, I'm just doing what I do," said Chadwick.

Greg spent more than 12 hours airbrushing Talen's cranial helmet to look like an aviator helmet complete with goggles and Talen's name on the back. Greg usually gets $100 an hour for his work at Iron Clad Tattoos, but he airbrushed the helmet for free.

"I contacted Lauren and Matt and said I'd like to do it no charge. Don't worry about it, just pay it forward or just do something nice for somebody down the road when you can you know and here we are."

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