8 Year-Old With Down Syndrome Scores An Amazing Touchdown

October 17, 2014

The coach of Rhinelander High School's JV Football team in Wisconsin made an 8 year-old's dream come true with a very special play designed just for him.

boy with down syndrome scores TD

Gabe, an 8 year-old with Down Syndrome, is the teams biggest fan. For the final game of the season, Coach Mark Apfel handed Gabe a jersey and set up a special "5th quarter" after the end of regulation.

"As Rhinelander walked back onto the field, the Mosinee players couldn't figure out what was going on. Then they noticed the 8-year-old boy on the field in a helmet and pads, and their coach told them, 'Run the kickoff and don't tackle him!'"

The opposing team played along and pretended to tackle Gabe as he ran down the field for a touchdown. It was a beautiful display of sportsmanship.

(H/T) Twenty Two Words

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