Scientist Discovers Dinosaur Egg Believed To Be 70 Million Years Old

September 1, 2014

A scientist at Mississippi State University wants to learn more about a fossilized dinosaur egg that's believed to be 70-million years old.

dinosaur eggs Mississippi State

John Paul Jones discovered a total of six fossilized dinosaur eggs in southeastern Montana but is sending one to the National Museum of Wales in the United Kingdom to use their synchrotron scanner. A synchrotron is essentially a very powerful, oversized x-ray.

dinosaur eggs Mississippi State

Jones says this egg is a very rare find. "This is the whole egg, with the embryo intact inside."

While currently unable to identify precisely the types of eggs, they are believed to be from a group called Hadrosaur that often is called "the duck-billed dinosaurs," he explained.

The egg will be sent in March 2015.

Dallas News | MS State

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