9 Year-Old Passes On Gifts For His Birthday, Saves Dogs Instead

July 3, 2014

Most 9 year-old kids would love a pile of gifts on their birthday, but Ethan Katz is not like most kids.

Lisa Katz

Instead of presents for his birthday, he wanted to save dogs from kill shelters.

To raise funds, Ethan and his father designed t-shirts to sell on Booster. They created them for City Dogs Rescue, a dog rescue organization based out of Washington, D.C.

Lisa Katz

On Ethan's Booster page for City Dogs Rescue, he wrote:

"My name is Ethan Katz and I am eight years old. I love dogs. I have two dogs that are very sweet. My birthday is on May 29th. This year for my birthday I want to raise money for my favorite rescue organization - City Dogs Rescue. We rescued my dog Brooklyn from City Dogs in November. I made this shirt to sell for City Dogs."

Already owning a rescued dog himself, Ethan has been able to rescue three more with his fundraising efforts!


Lisa Katz

He was the first dog rescued using Ethan's funds. Willie was adopted out of a kill shelter in Smyth County Marion, VA.

Chi Chi

Lisa Katz

Chi Chi is currently in foster care in the Washington, D.C. area.


May was rescued on Ethan's birthday. Here you can see her riding to freedom!

Lisa Katz

Big hearts do great things. Ethan, you are an amazing little man.

Via LikeABoss

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