Youngest Medal Of Honor Winner Gets An Added Bonus

June 20, 2014

Marine Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter was honored by President Obama at the White House as the youngest recipient of the Medal of Honor. Carpenter, 24, was honored after attempting to shield a fellow Marine from the harm of a grenade blast.

However, this was day was about to get much, MUCH more exciting for him.

While wandering around the White House, Carpenter bumped into legendary Foo Fighters frontman and Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. What Grohl was doing there is not exactly known but the two snapped a pretty nice picture together:


Carpenter posted the photo to his Instragram account:

"I found @foofighters David Grohl roaming around the @whitehouse today."

You sir, have won the internet today.

Oh... if you are unaware of how awesome Dave Grohl is, check this out!

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