Miracle baby is found alive by grieving mother

April 13, 2012

Analia Bouter finds her baby alive in a morgue 12 hours after being pronounced dead by doctors.

Analia went into labor early and her baby was born premature. 20 minutes after her child's birth, doctors had to deliver the bad news that the baby was no longer alive.

Analia could not bear the thought of losing her child and decided she needed to get one last picture of her child. Her child has been in the morgue for over 12 hours now.

She was in complete shock when she opened up the drawer that her child was in as she fell to her knees. The tiny girl was breathing and crying. She was alive!

Analia had to convince herself that she was not hallucinating due to the emotions she was going through. The poor little girl was ice cold and had frost covering her skin.

It truly is a miracle. If she had not decided to visit the morgue to get one last photo of her child, she would have lost her little girl for good.

After this miracle, Analia decided to name her child Luz Milagros, which translates to "Miracle Light".

Divine intervention? You decide.

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