The power of music: unresponsive to animated

April 12, 2012

Henry has been in a nursing home for over ten years. His condition is very poor, and very unresponsive. It is only getting worse as the days go by.

He doesn't remember any of his family members, friends, or much of anything really. He doesn't respond to the nurses and seems to be living in his own fantasy world. The nurses have tried everything to communicate with him, and bring him back to reality. Years later, one method finally worked.

The nurses decided to let him listen to music that he loved when he was growing up. They wanted to see if there would be any type of reaction to prove he remembered the music.  Henry loved music and loved to sing.

The reaction was magical. His eyes opened wide, he started moving his arms. He became completely animated, as if he was born again. It was a miracle.

After they removed his headphones and stopped playing the music, they asked him a few questions while they had the chance.

He went from being completely unresponsive to answering questions in full sentences. He understood the questions and was able to give complete answers. His brain was able to register what was happening around him, all because of the music.

It is amazing what the power of music can achieve. You have to watch this to believe it. But beware, you may get a little emotional :)

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